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CXT Software provides a unique and useful product to its customers called "X Web" that allows the transfer of data back and forth to X Dispatch via the Internet. The X Web (Web Service) allows you to use an HTTP/HTTPS POST to inject/retrieve data from the X Dispatch database when data is properly formatted in XML. Many possibilities exist to leverage X Web's technology to create very useful capabilities for customers.  One example is the ability to build an online quote system for users to request delivery quotes via the Internet.  Online quoting offers a quick and easy solution for delivery company customers to check pricing for specific deliveries on their own, negating the need to pick up a telephone and bother busy delivery company employees.  Building other useful work-flow applications using X Web to interface with X Dispatch is only limited by the imagination and creativity of CXT Software customers.


Before X Web can be utilized to create useful work-flow applications it must be purchased and configured. Please contact CXT Software Sales ( for pricing and purchase details. Configuring X Web requires a person skilled in creating web pages using HTML and setting up a Windows server to use such web pages. CXT Software's Support Department does not handle such requests since they are outside the scope of "support." (See Service Level Agreement here: CXT Software SLA.) However, if problems are encountered specifically with X Web, the CXT Software support department will quickly address the problem.

Getting Started

  1. Purchase X Web
  2. Identify technical resources
  3. Download documentation and sample files

If knowledgeable in-house or familiar local resources are not available CXT Software recommends this company for integration expertise:, email: (Wendy McDonald)

Sample classic ASP code for Online Quoting System

Sample HTML is provided below which when implemented creates a functional online quoting system using the X Web API Package. An "API" (Application Program Interface) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Relative to the X Web API, CXT Software has created a standard interface to be used by customers to quickly and easily create their own unique work-flow applications using X Dispatch as its foundation.

Four fields must be replaced to implement the code below, these fields are:

  1. - URL of the X Internet website.
  2. userID - User ID required to access website.
  3. password - Password required for User ID.
  4. 0000 - CXT Software customer number. Should be known, however CXT Software support services can provide it if necessary.

Paste code macro
Dim objXMLHTTP : set objXMLHTTP = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP.3.0")
Dim strRequest, strResult, strURL

strURL = ""

' ----------------------------

strRequest ="<?xml version=""1.0""  encoding=""ISO-8859-1""?>" _
& "<OrderRequest  xmlns:xsi="""">" _
& "<UserID>userID</UserID>" _
& "<Password>password</Password>" _
& "<EncryptedPassword>true</EncryptedPassword>" _
& "<CustID>1001</CustID>" _
& "<Origin>" _
&   "<Address>" _
&     "<AddressTitle>Sample Origin</AddressTitle>" _
&     "<StreetAddr>3030 N Central Ave</StreetAddr>" _
&     "<SuiteNumber></SuiteNumber>" _
&     "<City>Phoenix</City>" _
&     "<StateProvince>AZ</StateProvince>" _
&     "<Country>USA</Country>" _
&     "<ZipCode>85012</ZipCode>" _
&     "<ZipCodeExt></ZipCodeExt>" _
&   "</Address>" _
&   "<ContactName>Origin Contact Person</ContactName>" _
&   "<ContactPhone>650-324-2777</ContactPhone>" _
&   "<ContactEmail></ContactEmail>" _
&   "<Remarks></Remarks>" _
&  "</Origin>" _
&  "<Destination>" _
&  "<Address>" _
&    "<AddressTitle>Sample Destination</AddressTitle>" _
&     "<StreetAddr>3350 N Central Ave</StreetAddr>" _
&     "<SuiteNumber></SuiteNumber>" _
&     "<City>Phoenix</City>" _
&     "<StateProvince>AZ</StateProvince>" _
&     "<Country>USA</Country>" _
&     "<ZipCode>85012</ZipCode>" _
&     "<ZipCodeExt></ZipCodeExt>" _
&    "</Address>" _
&    "<ContactName>Destinantion Contact</ContactName>" _
&    "<ContactPhone>408-489-8688</ContactPhone>" _
&    "<ContactEmail></ContactEmail>" _
&  "</Destination>" _
&  "<ParcelInfo>" _
&    "<Pieces>20</Pieces>" _
&    "<TotalWeight>500</TotalWeight>" _
&    "<Value></Value>" _
&    "<PickUpTime>08:00T2009/05/14</PickUpTime>" _
&    "<Reference1>5551212</Reference1>" _
&    "<Reference2>1223334444</Reference2>" _
&    "<BillingGroup></BillingGroup>" _
&    "<RequestOrderType>0</RequestOrderType>" _
&    "<RequestServiceType></RequestServiceType>" _
&    "<RequestDeliverTime>17:00T2009/05/14</RequestDeliverTime>" _
&  "</ParcelInfo>" _
& "</OrderRequest>"

' ----------------------------------- "post", "" & strURL & "", False

objXMLHTTP.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "text/xml; charset=utf-8"
objXMLHTTP.setRequestHeader "Content-Length", Len(strRequest)

'send the request and capture the result
Call objXMLHTTP.send(strRequest)
strResult = objXMLHTTP.responseText

'display the XML
'response.write strResult


set xmldoc=CreateObject("msxml2.domdocument")
xmldoc.loadXML strResult

set node1 = xmldoc.selectSingleNode("/OrderResponse/Option/Type")
set node2 = xmldoc.selectSingleNode("/OrderResponse/Option/Rate")
if node1 is nothing then
response.write "No Rate"
response.write "Delivery Type:      " & node1.text & "<br>"
response.write "Estimated Charges: $" & node2.text & "<br><br><br>"
end if



Set xmlDoc = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
xmlDoc.setProperty "SelectionLanguage", "XPath"
xmlDoc.async = true

Set xmlList = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("Rate")
    For Each xmlItem In xmlList
        Response.Write ""
        Response.Write "Rates: " & xmlItem.childNodes(0).text & "<br>"

<b>This is a nice little HTML table with all the rates from the response XML<b>

Set xmlDoc = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
xmlDoc.setProperty "SelectionLanguage", "XPath"
xmlDoc.async = true

Response.Write "<table align=left border=1><tr><td>Order Type</td><td>Pickup Time</td><td>Delivery Time</td><td>Rate</td></tr>"

Set xmlList = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("Option")
    For Each xmlItem In xmlList
        Response.Write "<tr>"
        Response.Write "<td>" & xmlItem.getElementsByTagName("Type")(0).text & "</td>"
        Response.Write "<td>" & xmlItem.getElementsByTagName("PickupTime")(0).text & "</td>"
        Response.Write "<td>" & xmlItem.getElementsByTagName("DeliveryTime")(0).text & "</td>"
        Response.Write "<td>" & xmlItem.getElementsByTagName("Rate")(0).text & "</td>"
        Response.Write "</tr>"

    Response.Write "</table>"



<b>This is the response XML</b>
<table BORDERCOLOR=RED align=left border=1 Style="border-style:dotted;"><tr><td>
<textarea rows="100" cols="120">
<% response.write strResult %>