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This page is for the Classic Operations App. For the Operations App please see Addresses.

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Addresses used in the Operations App go through an address validation process. Using validated addresses guarantees the address is real and prevents potential delivery issues. Different third-party validation services are available, some at an additional monthly charge. Please contact your CXT Software Account Manager for more details. 


  1. Go to Maintenance > Addresses and click the New button in the toolbar. 

    Alternate Steps

    Click the arrow next to the New button, or press Alt + N keys and select Address.

  2. Enter the address information. Required information to validate an address is:

    1. Address

      The Address field is the street address in "US Postal Code" format.  This includes numeric address, street name, and proper prefixes (N, S, E, W, etc), suffixes (Place, Pl, Road, Rd, Lane, Ln), and abbreviations when used.  If a suite or room number is included in this field, the validation process will move it to the Suite/Room/Apartment field.

    2. City

    3. State/Zip/+

  3. Enter a Customer ID for the address to be customer specific. The default is set to 0, meaning all customers can use the address. See Global Address vs Customer Specific Address for more information.

  4. Automatically or manually validate the address: 

    • Click the Process Address button to automatically validate an address. 

    • Check the Validated checkbox to manually validate an address.


A global address is available when placing orders for any customer in the Operations App.  A customer specific address is available to only that specific customer ID during order placement inside the Operations App.


"Allow Customer Address Points" in the Orders tab of the customer record must be checked to view customer specific addresses. See Customers - New/Edit Customer for more information.


Customer 1 has a customer specific address for the Phoenix Zoo. 


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