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Human resource records can be used for every individual in your company. Office staff, employee drivers, and independent contractors can have a human resource record.


Field NameDescription
IDUnique numerical ID. 
Badge IDThis ID does not have to be unique. 
ClassThe classification of the human resource: 
  • Agent Contractor: A driver for a third-party company.
  • Contract Driver: An independent driver. 
  • Employee Driver: A driver employed by your company.
  • Exempt Staff: Salaried staff.
  • Non Exempt Staff: Hourly staff.
Business UnitThe business unit the human resource is associated with. The default is set to "Global". See Business Units (Desktop Operations App)
Business Name

Used to informationally store a contractor driver's company name or a business name for your employees.  

Visible if Class selected is "Contract Driver", "Employee Driver", "Exempt Staff", or "Non Exempt Staff". 


The selected agent from the list of agents. See Agents.

Visible if the Class selected is "Agent Contractor".

Last NameLast name of the human resource.
First NameFirst name of the human resource.
NicknameThe name that will show on the dispatch board if the human resource is a driver.
Tax IDTax ID for human resource.
Date of Birth


For X Dispatch 19.1 or newer.

Date of birth for human resource. Check the box to hide the date field.


Home or business address for human resource. Click the address icon  to enter a new address.

Phone Numbers Associated phone numbers. Use the down arrow to select the type of phone number.
Email Addresses Associated email addresses. Use the down arrow to enter up to 2 email addresses.

Label(s) to be used for reporting purposes. See Labels (Desktop Operations App).


Requires X Dispatch 20.0 or newer.

PhotoImage of human resource. The image is displayed online if enabled "Driver Photo(s)" is enabled in the Global Options


Deductions for the human resource can be viewed, added, edited and removed in the Deductions tab. Deduction items must be added in the Deduction Items section in order to be added here in the human resource record. See Deduction Items (Desktop Operations App)

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Inet Account 


The Settlements tab is where you select the message format that will be used when emailing the settlement reports to the driver. See Message Formats (Desktop Operations App) for more information on how to add or edit message formats.