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For X Dispatch 18.1 or newer. See here for older Operations App is continuously updating and page layouts may differ. See here for other versions.

Table of Contents

Fleets are used to sort and filter orders and route stops on the dispatch board.  See X Dispatch - Select Fleets.

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Field NameDescription
IDFleetIDThe Fleet ID number, this value must be entered as a number and it cannot duplicate a ID that already exists.
DescriptionThis is a Description of the fleet.
Dispatch EmailDispatchEmailThis is the Email address that will be used as the return email when messages are sent to the driver's mobile application.  
CombinedCombination of the ID and Description values.  This field cannot be edited.

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How to Add a Fleet

  1. Go to Maintenance > Fleets.
  2. Click the Image Removed button.

Alternate Steps

  1. Click the arrow next to the New button, or press Alt + N keys. 
  2. Select Fleet.

Image Removed

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the list of fleets and add the new fleet in the empty row.
  2. Click the save icon Image Added in the toolbar.

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How to Edit a Fleet

  1. Go to Maintenance > Fleets.
  2.  Click the fleet Edit the field(s) you would like to edit or right-click the row and select Edit.

    InfoThe right-click menu option Open in New Window will open the edit form in a window that can be moved around.


  3. Click the save icon Image Added in the toolbar. 

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How to Delete a Fleet


Click the Image Removed button. 


A fleet cannot be deleted if associated to another record (e.g. driver, order type, route), or below error message will be received.Image Removed 


  1. Go to


Section Functions


  1. Maintenance > Fleets.
  2. Select the fleet you would like to delete by clicking on the grey box to the left of the FleetID column, the row will be highlighted blue.
  3. Click the delete icon Image Added in the toolbar or press the delete button.
  4. Click the save icon Image Added in the toolbar.

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