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Billing cycles are used to determine how often a customer is invoiced. 

To view and/or edit billing cycles, the "Billing Cycles" and/or "Edit Billing Cycles" user permissions must be selected. See Users (Classic Operations App).

Go to Maintenance > Billing Cycles.

Field NameDescription
Billing Cycle IDUnique ID number.
DescriptionDescription or the name of the billing cycle.

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How to Add a Billing Cycle

  1. Go to Maintenance Billing Cycles.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list of billing cycles and add the new billing cycle in the empty row.
  3. Click the save icon  in the toolbar.

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How to Edit a Billing Cycle

  1. Go to Maintenance > Billing Cycles.
  2. Edit the field(s) you would like to edit. 

  3. Click the save icon  in the toolbar. 

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How to Delete a Billing Cycle

Billing cycles currently assigned to a customer should not be deleted.

  1. Go to Maintenance Billing Cycles
  2. Click the billing cycle you would like to delete by clicking on the grey box to the left of the Billing Cycle ID column, the row will be highlighted blue.

  3. Click the delete icon  in the toolbar or press the delete button.
  4. Click the save icon  in the toolbar.

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