Moving On Demand Orders to Routes


There are several ways to move on demand orders onto routes.

Using Route Sort Rules

When an order is placed using an order type with a route sort rule configured (on the pickup, delivery, or both addresses), the zip code for the address is used to find a route match, then the order is moved onto a route. See Route Sort Rules for more information.

Manually Drag and Drop

You can manually move on demand orders from the On-Demand Dispatch Board onto a posted route by dragging and dropping them into the route manifest. This will create a route stop with the Destination Address, a “Delivery” stop type, and any parcels on the order. Orders that have been picked up can still be moved over.

Creating a Route Stop from the Order ID

You can create a new route stop by entering “D” and the order ID of the order you would like to copy in the Scan Barcode field and pressing the tab key.