Driver Settlement Vs. Driver Settlement Report

This Knowledge base article reviews the differences between the Driver Settlement process and running a Driver Settlement report.

Driver SettlementsDriver Settlement Report
StaticDynamic, data it shows can change over time
Route, route stop, or on demand order won't appear on a future settlement once it's settled using Driver Settlements.If order is changed in any way that updates pay, or puts order into another date range, there is the possibility that it could show up in a later settlement report, thus potentially causing a "double pay" situation.
Historical Driver Settlements are availableHistorical Driver Settlement Reports are not available
Data can be exported into QuickBooks

Running the Driver Settlement is recommended because it prevents the possibility of double paying. 

The Driver Settlement Report can be run before the Driver Settlement.  Both reports use similar logic, so the Driver Settlement Report can be run before the Driver Settlement to confirm that pay is correct before running the final "Driver Settlement".  Once it's run the data is "locked in."