X Dispatch - Address Lookup

The Address Lookup, or Select Address, form allows you to search for, select, add, edit, and delete addresses in X Dispatch

The form is available in places such as the order form, route stop, and contract stop form, by clicking the yellow envelope Address button.


How to Search for an Addresses

You can search for an address by name, street address, or point ID.

  1. Check how you would like to search
    • Name
    • Address - This only searches the street address and does not search city, state or zip.
    • Point ID - This is useful if you have several similar addresses and know the Point ID.
  2. Enter information in field next to the search button
  3. Click the Search button

Quick Tip

  • Click on any column header to sort the search results.
  • Scroll to the right for additional address details.
  • Use the address filter by entering information from the street address in the Address Filter field. The filter works immediately when you start typing.

How to Select an Address

  1. Search for an address
  2. Click on the address, if not selected already 

    An address is selected if highlighted blue

  3. Double-click, or press the OK button