X Route - Route Chains

Field NameDescription
Final Routes-> Starting HubDisplays route chain in order from the final route to the starting hub.
Starting Hub-> Final RoutesDisplays the route chain with the Load Stop displayed above all stops that are chained to that load stop.
Stops Not In a ChainDisplays, by route, all stops that have not been included in a route chain

Route chains are used in distribution work in which an ASN file is received before receiving the actual goods to be delivered.  By creating Linehaul Stops, and chaining Route Load stops to the Linehaul, you are able to track the complete chain of custody.  It is sometimes simpler to discuss this with a bottom-to-top approach.  The ASN file contains a list of all delivery addresses with their corresponding parcels (barcodes).  We set Load Stops on the route level so that all parcels from each individual delivery stop are 'chained' to that load stop.  We then 'chain' the Load Stops to a Linehaul(Receive) stop.  Therefore, we have the complete chain of custody.  Every parcel is expected at the linehaul, only the parcels for that driver's route are expected at the Route Load Stop Level, and the parcels at the delivery stop are only expected at that stop.