Available Options in X Dispatch 17.0+ Web Browser

The internal web browser in X Dispatch 17.0 was updated to include options such as copying the browser URL and saving, opening and printing the web page as a PDF.

To improve application stability and security, certain technologies have been disabled from being run within the X Dispatch Internal Browser: 

  • Any accelerated GPU rendering (like Google Street View)
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • Flash
  • Silverlight
  • Java

Page Loading Indicator

A warning will display if you are trying to print the page before it is completely loaded.

Copy Browser URL

The following option is available by right-clicking inside the browser, or pressing the "Ctrl" and "U" key:

  • Copy URL to Clipboard (Ctrl-U): Copies the browser URL to clipboard.

Printing and Saving to PDF

The following print and save options are available by right-clicking inside the browser:
  • Print (Ctrl-P)
  • Save to PDF (Ctrl-S): Opens save dialog to save a PDF file.
  • Save + Open PDF (Print/View) (Ctrl-O): Saves a temporary PDF file and launches the PDF viewer for immediate viewing. This includes site information and page numbers in the header and footer of the printout.

  • Save to HTML (Ctrl-H): Opens save dialog to save a HTML file.

Quick Tip

If you are having trouble printing with the "Print" option, try using the "Save + Open PDF" option.

Other Right-Click Options

The following are other right-click options available inside the browser:
  • View source: Opens a popup with HTML source code.
  • Reload (Ctrl-R): Reloads the current page.