How to use the New button

There are many useful tips and tricks throughout X Dispatch which can shave minutes off your time to complete certain tasks.  One such feature is the functionality of the 'New'button.  It's important to fully understand how the 'New' button works to avoid unnecessary navigation and mouse clicks.

There are two ways to utilize the 'New' button in X Dispatch.

Firstly, you'll notice that the icon displayed on the 'New' button changes depending upon which section of X Dispatch you're currently navigating:

Therefore, if you'd like to create a new object in X Dispatch, the first option is to navigate to the section in which you'd like the new object created, and simply click the 'New' button.

If you're currently working in another section of X Dispatch or X Route and you'd like to create a new object without leaving your current section, we've created a 'New' button drop-down list which allows you to create any new object from any section of the application.  Simply click on the drop-down arrow located just to the right of the 'New' button:

From this dropdown list, you'll have the ability to create any new object in X Route or X Dispatch by simply clicking an option.

Navigation shortcuts such as the 'New' button functionality discussed in this article will save you time and effort.