How to Create / Update X Tracking Users

You can allow access to X Tracking only by creating a user in the Users section of the Operations App which will allow the user to log in at URL/XInternet/XTracking/xtracking.asp See Users or Users (Classic Operations App).

  • Replace URL with the website URL. For Cloud customers, the website URL is where CUSTID is your 4 digit Customer ID. Cloud customers who do not know their URL can contact technical support.

Quick Tip

Cloud customers can also open X Tracking from the Cloud Client.

How to Create a User for X Tracking Only 

  1. Go to MaintenancePermissions.
  2. Click the  button.
  3. Enter a username in the Permissions for field.
  4. Enter a password in the Password and Password Confirm fields.
  5. Under Filter type "Allowed Fleets".
  6. Click the checkbox for Allowed Fleets and all of the fleets you would like the user to access. 

  7. Under Filter type "X Tracking".

  8. Click the X Tracking checkbox. 

  9. Click the  button.

How to Update an X Tracking Only User Password

  1. Go to MaintenancePermissions.
  2. Double click on the user you would like to update.
  3. Enter the new password in the Password and Password Confirm fields. 
  4. Click the  button.