How to Setup Settlements for Email Notification

The following is legacy function that sends an email notification with a link to the settlement. For current functionality see Email Driver Settlements.

To save time and printing costs, settlements can be downloaded by delivery personnel.  To facilitate this process a routine called "Send Email Notification for Settlements" can be used to contact delivery personnel via email when settlements are ready for download.  For security reasons the actual settlement data is not sent via email, rather a notification is sent with a link to be used to download the settlement report, similar to the way many types of statements are provided today by businesses.  If this functionality is required, it must be configured within X Dispatch.  Follow the steps within this KnowledgeBase article to configure X Dispatch for settlement notification.

The X Dispatch "Mail Manager" and Windows "Scheduled Tasks" must be configured and functioning properly for the settlement notification to be emailed.  If manual dispatch messages are successfully sent, then these areas are configured properly. 

Configuring Settlement Email Notification

  1. Verify stored procedure is not already loaded into X Dispatch by going to: Maintenance -> Custom Procedures.  
  2. Look for a custom procedure with "Description" of "CXT - Send Email Notification for Settlements."  If procedure exists, skip to step # 11.

  3. If stored procedure does not exist press "Find" icon and select the "Globe."

  4. Locate and click on report named "CXT - INSTALL/CONFIGURE - Send Email Notification for Settlements."

  5. Click "Download" button. 

  6. Read instructions and press "OK."

  7. Confirm download by pressing "Yes." 

  8. Confirm download success by pressing "OK." 

  9. Confirm report successfully downloaded by scrolling to bottom of list and verifying status is "Up-to-date." 

  10. Run report by opening filing cabinet icon and expanding "Unassigned."  Double click "CXT - INSTALL/CONFIGURE - Send Email Notification for Settlements. 

  11. Press "Exec" to run the "Find."

  12. Enter URL of X Internet Driver login page.  Typically this is the company's public IP or URL plus a forward slash ( / ) and "settlements.asp."

  13. Enter return email name such as "Accounting," "Payroll," etc. 

  14. Enter email address to be used if recipient replies to the notification or if the message is rejected by the recipients email provider.

  15. Enter subject of email, such as "Your Settlement is Available." 

  16. Verify "Find" executed correctly by noting "Query ran successfully" message.  Press "Cancel" to close window. 

  17. The delivery personnel to be emailed must have their email address saved in their Human Resource record.

  18. Each user that runs the "Send Email Notification for Settlements" routine must have access permissions.  Go to "Maintenance -> Permissions" and open each user whose permissions must be updated.

  19. Expand "Maintenance Functions -> Custom Procedures" and check box for "Send Email Notification for Settlements." 

  20. Configuration steps completed. 

Using Settlement Email Notification

  1. Process settlements as normal.
  2. Display settlements from "Action -> Settlements -> Display Settlements."
  3. Right click on batch of settlements for which to send settlements and select "CXT - Send Email Notification for Settlements."

  4. When completed, "Export has finished successfully" message displays.  Press "OK" to continue. 

  5. The settlement notification now has been emailed to all delivery personnel in the selected settlement batch.

Delivery Personnel: Using Settlement Email Notification

  1. All delivery personnel with a settlement within the settlement batch will receive an email. 

  2. To view settlement, the delivery personnel must click the link indicated by the "Click here to view" text.

  3. A browser window will open to the X Internet delivery personnel login location. 

  4. The delivery person should login, select settlement to view, and press "View Settlement." 

  5. The settlement displays.