How to Hide Rates in Rapidship Client and X Internet

In X Dispatch > Maintenance > Internet Users, the Hide rates feature when enabled, removes the rate column for each Order Type on the Place Orders page of Rapidship Client and X Internet.  When Hide rates is disabled (no check mark) the rates are displayed in both applications.  

Step-by-step guide

After a change is made in the Internet User form in X Dispatch, an internet user must close and relaunch Rapidship Client and/or X Internet for the change to take effect.  

  1. In X Dispatch navigate to Maintenance > Internet Users and open a user record.
  2. In the Internet User form, select Hide rates from the Options section, located in the bottom left corner.  
  3. Select OK to save and close the form. 

  4. Launch Rapidship Client or X Internet and once the Addresses and Service Type is selected, the rates column is removed from the form.   

The images below show rates enabled and disabled in Rapidship Client and X Internet

Rapidship Client:

X Internet: