Method '~' of object '~' failed error


You get an unexpected error with an 'Error Description: Method '~' or object '~' failed.'


This is usually caused by a corruption issue with Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) which is a Windows system function that allows applications access to data from various sources on the computer.  This issue usually only affects Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or 3 installed, if you are having this error message with a different operating system please contact support. 

  1. Download the 'MDAC' files here:
  2. Once downloaded, right click on the folder and select 'Extract All'. Click 'Next'.
  3. Fill out the 'Files will be extracted to this directory:' box with "C:MDAC" then click "Next", the files will now extract.
  4. Make sure the 'Show Extracted Files' box is checked and click 'Finish'.

  5. The 'MDAC' folder will open, Right click on the 'Right Click and Install' file and click 'Install'.

  6. A 'Files Needed' window will pop up looking for the directory the MDAC files are in, Click the 'Browse...' button.

  7. Navigate to 'My Computer' then the 'C:' drive then 'MDAC' folder and 'MDAC' folder again. 
  8. Click 'Open', the 'Copy files from:' should look like "C:MDACMDAC".

  9. Click 'OK'
  10. The Installer will copy a few files and then ask for a second directory. Navigate to 'My Computer' then the 'C:' drive then 'MDAC' folder, then the 'MDAC' folder again and lastly 'i386'. 
  11. Click 'Open', the 'Copy files from:' should look like "C:MDACMDACi386".

  12. Click 'Retry'
  13. The installer will copy that last few files and then disappear, at this point restart your computer.