How to Include Event Status and Status Codes to Message Formats

To customize message formats for orders and route stops, the status code (i.e. exception code) added to the work order can be included in the message when sent to customers. The inserted status code can only be included in the message, when the Event Type associated to the message format on the customer record is either "Route Stop - Status Code Added" or "Order - Status Code Added".  

The "Status Code Updated" message format does not send the "InsertedStatusCode" message - this is only sent on the "Status Code Added" message.

EventStatusCode: This is the short-code, representing the status of the order.  For example OP = Order Placed, RSC = Route Stop Completed.

InsertedStatusCode: This is the ExceptionID of a status code added to an order or route stop.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Maintenance > Message Formats.

  2. Create or edit a message format. See Message Formats (Classic Operations App).

  3. Click the Format tab.

  4.  In the Message Format section add "[InsertedStatusCode]". 

[InsertedStatusCode] is only available if [EventStatusCode] = SCC (Status Code Created) . [InsertedStatusCode] not listed in listed in Available Fields list.