User Fields (X Dispatch 19.1 to 21.0)

For X Dispatch 19.1 to 21.0. See here for other versions.

User fields are used to populate drop-down options for User Fields in on demand orders. See How to Set Up User Definable Fields for Orders for more information.

To access user fields go to MaintenanceUser Fields.

Field NameDescription
FieldThe number corresponding to the User Fields on the order form
ValueThe value option for the field number..

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How to Add a User Field

  1. Go to Maintenance > User Fields.
  2. Click the  button.
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How to Edit a User Field

  1. Go to Maintenance > User Fields.
  2. Click the user field you would like to edit or right-click the row and select Edit

    The right-click menu option Open in New Window will open the edit form in a window that can be moved around.

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How to Delete a User Field

  1. Go to Maintenance User Fields
  2. Click the user field you would like to delete. 

  3. Click the  button. 

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Section Functions

Customize Grid Layout 

You can customize which columns you would like to view and arrange the order by clicking the Edit Grid Layout icon 

Change View

Requires X Dispatch 19.1 or newer.

You can switch between a table view and a card view by clicking on the Card View icon  or Table View icon .

Zooming Settings

Requires X Dispatch 21.0 or newer.

You can zoom in or out of Next Dispatch pages in X Dispatch by right clicking on the page (other than on a card or table) and selecting Zoom In or Zoom Out, or use the Ctrl + or Ctrl - keys. 


Use the checkbox at the beginning of each row, or at the top of each card, to select multiple records. 

Quick Tip

No more than 2 windows can be open or edited at a time. 

Right Click Menu

Right click on a row or card to view right click menu options.

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