How to Set Up Caller ID Lookup in X Dispatch

For on premise customers only.

X Dispatch can read a simple text file with a 10 digit phone number in it, then open a new order with the correct customer ID once a file is detected.


  1. Create the "CallerID" folder inside the X Dispatch folder on your local machine that incoming text files will be placed in by your phone system.

    1. Type “run” in the Windows search box and press the Enter key.

    2. Type “\Program Files (x86)\Connexion\XDispatch”.

    3. Create a folder called "CallerID", if one does not already exist.

  2. Configure your phone system to write the caller ID information to the “CallerID” folder.

  3. Create a test file.

  4. Enable the Global Option Enable Caller ID Monitoring.

    1. In X Dispatch click Options in the toolbar.

    2. Go to the Misc tab.

    3. Check Enable Caller ID Monitoring.