Getting Started


Required Specifications:

  • Google Mobile Services enabled

  • Google Play account connected to Google Play store™

  • Google Maps™ app, used for navigation and mapping features

Required Specifications:

  • Apple ID that is connected to the Apple Itunes & App Store℠

  • Apple Maps™ app, used for navigation and mapping features

  • Current Android version

  • Ruggedized commercial-grade devices

  • Ruggedized cases for non-commercial grade devices

  • Automatic updates enabled

  • Vehicle phone holder and charger

  • Current iOS version

  • Ruggedized cases

  • Automatic updates enabled

  • Vehicle phone holder and charger

Minimum Specifications:

  • Android 8.0 Oreo or higher

Minimum Specifications:

  • iOS 11.0 or higher

Commercial grade Android devices are recommended whenever possible. In our experience, ruggedized Android devices are the most flexible and business-friendly which allows customers to tailor the mobile experience. CXT Software has multiple partnerships with companies that manufacture, sell, configure, deploy, and support ruggedized Android devices.

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National Account Manager
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Mobile: 630-248-9592


Dave Juntunen
Sales Manager
Supply Chain Services
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Main Office: 651-202-4300

The Sonim XP8800 has known incompatibility issues with the Driver App.

Download and Install

For Android

Download the Driver App directly from Google Play™ and receive updates automatically when enabled.

  1. From an Android device open the Google Play app.

  2. Search for CXT Software by tapping the magnifying glass and entering CXT Software.

  3. Tap the Driver App icon from the search results.

  4. Tap the Install button.

For iOS

Download the Driver App directly from the App Store and receive updates automatically when enabled.

  1. From an iOS device open the App Store app.

  2. Search for CXT Software by tapping Search (at the bottom) and entering CXT Software.

  3. Tap the Driver App icon from the search results.

  4. Tap GET then tap INSTALL.

Logging In

  • If you do not know your Company ID, Driver ID, or Password, contact your system administrator.

  • The login screen only appears the first time the Driver App is launched, or if you are logged out after your last session.

  • If you share your mobile device with other people, remember to log out after your session.

  • Trying to log in with the incorrect password 5 times will result in your account being locked for 5 minutes.

  1. Enter your Company ID

  2. Enter your Driver ID.

  3. Enter your Password. Tap the eye icon to view, or hide, the password.

  4. Optional. Check Remember Me to save your Company ID and Driver ID for the next time you log in. Your password will not be saved.

  5. Tap the Login in the bottom right.

Quick Tip: If another driver logs in with the same credentials, you will receive a notification and be signed out.

Biometric Login 

Your device must have the ability to log in with your fingerprint or use facial recognition. After logging into the Driver App you will be prompted whether or not you would like to enable fingerprint or face ID login. 

Best Practices


  • Dedicated Scanning Device: Use a dedicated scanning device such as a Bluetooth scanner or a ruggedized device that has a dedicated scanner built-in. Camera scanning takes a picture of the barcode, then attempts to translate the image of the barcode into text.  This process is considerably slower and less accurate (especially in low light situations).

  • Bluetooth Scanner Configuration: When using a Bluetooth scanner, configure the soft keyboard to be closed. A scanner emulates an external keyboard and it is possible to type on the keyboard while scanning to inject extra characters by mistake.

  • Device Volume: Turn up the volume on your device all the way and remove any headphones or connected Bluetooth audio devices to ensure you hear the alerts.

Mobile Tracking

  • Critical: Always keep the Driver App in the foreground, even when using turn-by-turn directions. You can always put your directions behind the Driver App and they will still verbally and visually alert you.

  • Autolock: Configure Autolock to “Never”, this prevents your device from locking after a period of inactivity.

  • WiFi/Bluetooth: Enable WiFi and Bluetooth, this will accelerate GPS location information and accuracy.

  • Minimize Phone Conversations: Keep phone conversations to a minimum, some cellular carriers disable data while you are talking on the phone, severing data connectivity that the Driver App relies on to transmit information to and from your Operations App instance.

  • Location Services: Enable Location Services on the device for the Driver App to report the location of the driver. The Driver App will prompt drivers upon login if this service is disabled.

  • Driver Active Status on Dashboard: Logging into the Driver App does not automatically activate the Driver on the Dispatch Board. Drivers who have the permission enabled on their Driver record are able to log themselves in and out of the Dispatch Board. Go to the Profile page, and make sure the toggle switch next to “Checked In” is green.