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The Invoices page allows you to search, view, print, and email previous invoices.Image Removed


You can search by:

  • Lookback Range: Select from last, 3, 6 or 12 months.

  • Invoice Number: Enter a single invoice number.

  • Specific Month: Select from a list of months with available invoices.

  • Invoice Status: Requires version 21.1 or newer. Select from the following

    • Invoiced: Invoice has been created and has not been paid.

    • Credit card: Credit card on file has been authorized for the invoice but has not been authorized or processed.

    • Short Paid: Invoice has not been paid in full.

    • Paid: Invoice has been paid.

Use the menu icon Image Removed icon in the "Action" column to View/PrintEmail, or Pay Invoice.


Quick Tip

: If you have more than 10 results, you can change the number of invoices displayed per page by clicking the "Results per page" under the Search box. 

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