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The User Profile section is where you can update your account information. Click the Update button to apply any changes in the left column before leaving this page.


Field Names


Customer ID

Read-only field. The customer ID of the primary customer for associated with your account.


Read-only field. The name of the primary customer for associated with your account.

User ID

Read-only field. Your user ID used to login.


Required. Your email address. This will also be automatically entered to receive notifications on the Place Order page.


Your phone number.

Default Service Type

The default service type when placing an order.

Auto Print Shipping Label

When enabled, it will automatically print the selected shipping label once the internet user places an order. This will automatically populate the print dialog box .unless using a Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer web browser where a PDF will be generated with options at the bottom of the page to open, save, or cancel.


Quick Tip: The print dialog box may be blocked by a pop-up blocker.

Default Place Order View

The default view that will be used on the Place Order page.


This will be overridden and switched to "Detailed Order View" when editing an order

Default Report Type

The default report type displayed on the Reports page.

  • Condensed - Displays the summary for each order. 

  • Detailed - Displays details for each order. 

Push Notifications

The status events to send push notifications. 


The desktop and/or mobile browser needs to have push notification enabled for Rapidshipthe Client Portal. See Rapidship Client Portal Push Notifications.

Useful Links

Change Password

Pop-up to change the password. This may not be available for all users, contact your carrier's customer service.

Save Login Shortcut

See How to Save Login Shortcut on Your Computer.