Custom Development Request (CDR) Process

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Custom Development Request (CDR) Overview

We have formalized the Custom Development Request (CDR) process in an effort to better serve our customers. All new requests will receive a free initial assessment and high-level cost estimate range, so customers can get a general understanding about how much financial investment their request may require prior to moving forward with the formal Scope of Work defining and CDR agreement. Our ultimate goal is to streamline the process and provide our customers with quicker turnaround times on the initial assessment and estimate, so they can efficiently make an informed decision on whether the project fits within their operational goals and financial budget before deciding to move forward with our full project scoping assessment, which is a billable service.

Request Submission

Once a custom development request (CDR) is submitted, your request will be evaluated within 5 business days.

If your request requires product-level changes and cannot be accommodated via custom work through our Enterprise Services Department, we offer the following two options if you would like to proceed:  

  1. Product Suggestion

    • Your request will be assessed for potential future development based on our internal product roadmap project goals and contracted custom development requests. There is no guarantee, but we make every effort to prioritize our customer suggestions whenever possible. 

  2. Custom Development Request (CDR)

    • We will conduct a high-level preliminary review of your product request in order to assess the anticipated time and resources needed to develop the project. Based on this initial assessment, we will provide you with an estimated cost range so you can evaluate your potential investment before proceeding to a formal CDR agreement. Formal CDR agreements will guarantee development within a specific release version depending on our current availability at the time the request is made. 

High-Level Assessment and Estimate

We will provide a high-level assessment and an estimated cost range for the requested project. This estimate is based on the requirement criteria provided and an approximation of effort needed to accomplish the project goals. When needed, a call will be scheduled with your team and any third-party partner(s) involved to get more details for this assessment and estimate.

If the estimated cost range is agreeable, please note that the formal scope of work assessment is a pre-paid service billed at $171.00 per hour should you choose to proceed at this point. We will provide a quote for this service based on the anticipated time needed based on your specific request and its complexity level. CDR scope of work services will begin once payment has been received.

Formal Scope of Work (SOW)

Once the scope of work pre-payment is received, our teams will conduct a thorough evaluation of the project to line out all development requirements and will make every effort to provide a CDR agreement within 5 business days contingent upon the size of the project request. More complex or involved projects will require more time. This process involves our engineers and technical specialists defining and detailing the development’s criteria specifications, exit criteria for product and quality assurance testing, and documentation needs as well as determining the delivery timeframe and associated costs for time and resources.

CDR Agreement

You will be sent a Custom Development Request (CDR) agreement via Zoho Sign. The email containing the CDR and any supporting documentation will be sent from and will include the scope of work, delivery timeframe, and pricing. Check your spam folder if you have not received the email notification shortly after we update you from the customer support portal. The CDR will expire if not signed and returned within the specified time, usually 30 calendar days from the electronic document issuance date.

Once the signed CDR agreement is received, we will start working on the project. You will be notified if we come across any unforeseen challenges, scope changes, or delays where the project cannot be completed within the timeframe specified in the "Delivery" section of the CDR. Note that the CDR may not include costs associated with conference calls, outside of the initial requirements gathering and final go-live validation meetings. For example. additional conference calls may be coordinated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to discuss project progress or non-project-specific operational considerations may not be included in the CDR and would be an additional cost.


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