X Dispatch 21.0.3 API Release Notes

V2 endpoints are now available! Please upgrade older endpoints (V1 or older).

What’s Improved

  • New and/or improved endpoints are available with our V2 release. Please upgrade any older endpoints (V1 or less) to their corresponding V2 EP.

  • Improvement made to more accurately search on data whose values are represented by enums.

  • Endpoints that allow anonymous usage will be rate-limited.

  • New user-friendly error messages when data being sent doesn't correctly fulfill a foreign key requirement.

  • Developed the ability to throttle API calls at periodic intervals at both the user and global level, so carriers can better manage their API charges.

  • The POST /v1/Orders endpoint (EP) will ensure that data provided for the accessorials.id property actually exists.

  • The POST /v1/Orders/{orderId}/Accessorials EP will ensure that data provided for the orderId and itemId values actually exists.

  • User-specific API throttling keys are now case-insensitive to match functionality with the DB values.

What’s Fixed

  • API Users will no longer be able to set/update the 'defaultAddressSearch' property when creating/updating inet users

  • Additional permission hardening around the v1/RouteStops EPs were enabled to match the current functionality in X Dispatch.

  • Fixed an issue where API users were allowed to specify a parcel's ID and parentType when creating an order.