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Please follow the link below to start the download and installation of the Cloud Client (CC). Want to know more about the latest release? View the release notes.

On-Premise Downloads

** Cloud Customers: Do not download. Please refer to the Cloud Client for notification about updates. **

Best Practices / Tips

  • Workstation and server versions must match. If you upgrade the server version you must also upgrade the workstation version.
  • Immediately after the upgrade always open X Dispatch and go to "Help > Check for DB Updates" to download available HotFixes.
  • For detailed X Dispatch upgrade guidelines and best practices, read X Dispatch Upgrade Guidelines and Best Practices.

It's recommended that customers using prior versions of X Dispatch update to the latest version at their convenience. Before attempting any update ensure that you are following "Best Practices" by testing before deploying to your production environment. Known issues and bugs can be found in the release notes. Please contact Technical Support by opening a ticket before upgrading and/or if you have questions.

Looking for a specific release?

If you need a specific server version please contact technical support.

Release VersionRelease Date
More Information
X Dispatch Server 22.0.404/04/2022Download

Release Notes

X Dispatch 22.0 is the final on-premise version and will be in extended LTS (Long Term Support) for critical bug and security fixes only.

X Dispatch Workstation 22.0.404/04/2022Download
X Dispatch Workstation 21.1.312/06/2021Download

Release Notes

X Dispatch Workstation 21.0.707/12/2021Download

Release Notes

When upgrading from X Dispatch 20.0 or older with custom Rapidship styles and/or using Dashboards, please see the following articles:

X Dispatch Server 20.0.510/26/2020DownloadRelease Notes
X Dispatch Workstation 20.0.510/26/2020Download
X Dispatch Workstation 20.0.408/03/2020Download
X Dispatch Workstation 20.0.306/22/2020Download
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Release VersionRelease Date
X Dispatch Workstation 19.2.501/22/2020Download
X Dispatch Workstation 19.2.401/06/2020Download
X Dispatch Workstation 19.1.509/12/2019Download
X Dispatch Workstation 19.1.408/27/2019Download
X Dispatch Workstation 19.1.307/22/2019Download
X Dispatch Workstation 19.1.207/15/2019Download
X Dispatch Workstation 19.1.107/08/2019Download
X Dispatch Workstation 19.0.304/01/2019Download
X Dispatch Workstation 19.0.203/11/2019Download
X Dispatch Workstation 18.1.301/09/2019Download
X Dispatch Workstation 18.1.212/02/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 18.1.111/10/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 18.0.809/25/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 18.0.708/24/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 18.0.608/15/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 18.0.507/23/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 18.0.407/06/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 18.0.306/22/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 18.0.206/05/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 17.1.805/22/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 17.1.703/05/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 17.1.602/14/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 17.1.502/02/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 17.1.301/20/2018Download
X Dispatch Workstation 17.1.212/21/2017Download
X Dispatch Workstation 17.1.112/05/2017Download
X Dispatch Workstation 17.0.608/30/2017Download
X Dispatch Workstation 17.0.407/31/2017Download
X Dispatch Workstation 17.0.307/05/2017Download
X Dispatch Workstation 17.0.206/20/2017Download


Our web service allows for consistent integrations and services, making it easier for third parties to integrate with the CXT Software suite. It is accessible by both REST and SOAP and accepts both XML and JSON requests. 

See Web Services/API Information (v2).

Driver App

Nextstop 3 gives drivers more powerful customization and information than ever before. Dispatchers can follow along in real-time, providing a strong connection and driver oversight. See Getting Started with Nextstop for more information.

Deprecated Products

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The X Web (Web Service) allows you to use an HTTP/HTTPS POST to inject/retrieve data from the X Dispatch database when data is properly formatted in XML. Please see Web Services/API Information for X Dispatch 17.0 and Below for additional details regarding the use of and example usage of the X Web API. Download API Documentation

X Mobile

For information on mobile devices that have been tested with X Mobile please review the X Mobile Compatibility List. You must have a valid customer ID and passcode to use X Mobile. If you don't already have this information please contact support.

Download Android

Download Windows Mobile