Force Location Scan in Nextstop 3

You can force a location scan at the arrival or departure of a stop. 

When stops that have force location settings applied are consolidated, the same enforcements will apply only to the parent stop ID in the consolidation.

Where to Setup in X Dispatch

Mobile Secondary Lookup

The text in this field represents the barcode to be used for location scanning.  The barcode to be scanned by the driver at the stop location must match this value.

For route stops

In the "Edit Stop" form for route stops, choose between "None", "Upon Arrival", "Upon Delivery" or "Both" in the "Force Location Scan" field.

See Dispatch - New / Edit Posted Route Stop.

For contract stops

In the Misc tab in the "Edit Contract Stop" form, choose between "None", "Upon Arrival", "Upon Delivery" or "Both" in the "Force Location Scan" field.

See Contract Stops - New / Edit Contract Stops.

In Nextstop 

When a driver is at a stop that requires a location scan, the "Arrived" / "Delivery" button will change to "Arrival Scan" / "Delivery Scan" on the Stop Info screen.

When the driver clicks the button, the camera screen will open and the driver will need to scan a barcode that matches the Route Stop Secondary Lookup. 

The driver must complete the location scan before beginning work.