How to Set an Alert to Notify You When Your Device Has Not Synced

You can set up an alert if a sync between your device and the server has not occurred within that set time period. A banner is displayed at the top of the application to notify you that the app has not synced. Once the device has successfully synced, the warning banner will disappear. If the warning message is displayed and you are in cellular range or connected to WiFi, you can pull down on any screen to sync.


  1. From the menu, go to Settings.

  2. Select Stops Workflow.

  3. Next to Sync Alert, select when to be alerted. If “Never” is selected, the warning banner does not display and you will not be notified if there is a sync issue.  


Quick Tip: If you are having trouble syncing, log out, swipe/close the Driver App completely and log back in.