How to Check In/Out in the Driver App

You may not have the ability to check in/out of the Driver App due to your driver set up.

Checking in will check you into the Operations App and informs the dispatcher that you are available to receive work. When you are Checked Out in the Driver App, you are not shown in the list of available drivers on the dispatch board and the dispatcher cannot send you work. 

If a dispatcher checks you in/out in the Operations App, it will reflect here in the Checked In/Checked Out status.

Upon Login

Requires Driver App 3.1 or newer.

When a driver logs in a pop-up will be displayed asking if the driver would like to check in.

From My Profile

  1. From the menu on the top left, select My Profile.

  2. Check in/out by sliding the Checked In/ Checked Out toggle.

Quick Tip: Logging out of the Driver App does not automatically check you out of the Operations App.