Track Order

Quick Tips

  • When searching by "Tracking Info", up to 10 searches can be performed with one request. Press enter, tab, or comma to separate your search criteria.

  • Search dates cannot be more than 2 months apart if you are not logged in, and 1 year apart if you are logged in.

  • Asterisks (*)percent (%), and underscore (_) symbols are not valid search values.

Not Logged In

If you are not logged in, you will see limited tracking information and can search by tracking numbers, references, or parcel barcodes. 


Logged In 

If you are logged in, you can choose from the following search options:

  • Quick Search shows the last 10, 50 or 100 orders.

  • Search narrows the search by tracking number, reference, parcel barcode, address or date. Check the Include partial matches box to search for non-exact matches.


You can view order details by clicking on the order information. If you are unable to edit or cancel orders, contact your carrier's customer service. 


You can edit an order, cancel an order, add attachments, print receipt or shipping label, email the label, or create new orders from the tracked order by clicking the menu icon. Editing an order will direct you to the Detailed Place Order View regardless of any settings on your User Profile. If you are unable to edit or cancel orders contact your carrier's customer service. 

Quick Tip: If you have more than 10 results, you can change the number of orders displayed per page by clicking the "Results per page" under the Quick Search box.