Parcel Tracking

You can track up to 500 parcels at a time to show condensed and detailed views of the life cycle of each parcel.

  • Quick Search shows the last 10, 50, or 100 orders.

  • Search narrows the search by parcel barcode, status, parcel ID, parcel type, customer route/stop ID, location name, address, city, zip, initial scan date, last scan date, scan activity by date, refrigeration type, master barcode, proof of delivery (POD) or date. Check the Include partial matches box to search for non-exact matches.

Quick Tips:

  • Press enter, tab, or comma to separate your search criteria.

  • Date range cannot be more than 60 days.

The most recent scan type will be displayed in the Last Scan Status column.

  • Not Scanned -No scan activity yet for the parcel.

  • Received - The parcel was scanned on a “Receive” stop, indicated by a "Start" stop type that is associated with a depot.

  • Loaded - The parcel was scanned on a “Load” stop, indicated by the "Load Stop Options" selection originating on a contract stop. It can be a customer or global load stop.

  • Delivered - The parcel was scanned on a “Delivery” stop or a custom stop type the parcel is associated with and has a completed time stamp.

  • Exchange Pick Up - The parcel was scanned as an overage at a location/stop and split off onto a new stop.

  • Picked Up - The parcel was scanned on a “Pickup” stop type or on a “Start” stop type that is not associated with a depot.

The action menu on the right allows you to print, email, or export the parcel tracking data.

Parcel Details

You can view parcel details by clicking on the parcel.