Route Tracking

Route Tracking allows you to track routes and route stops that are associated with your customer ID number. 

Only 5000 search results will be returned.

Find routes

  1. Use the calendar icon to choose a posted date. Only dates with routes posted are selectable.

  2. Select how often the screen will refresh.

    • Off

    • 30 Seconds

    • 60 Seconds

  3. Optional: Filter results by route ID, route description, route stop ID, fleet ID, fleet name, or driver ID. Search criteria must have at least 2 characters.

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View Route Stop Details

Click the view details icon  on the right of the route to view details and stops that are associated with the route. 

If the route stops are on a blended route, you can only see your route stops and not all of the stops that are on the route 

Clicking on the menu icon in the "Action" column of the stops list allows you to:

  • Show or Hide stop details.

  • Add/View Attachments associated with the stop.

  • Print Receipt for the stop.

  • Complete Stop - This is only available to some users. 

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