If you do not see the Reports section please contact your carrier's customer support.

You can search, filter, and run condensed or detailed reports in the Client Portal. 


Quick Search

The "Quick Search" options allow you to quickly view the last 10, 50 or 100 reports.

Generate Reports 

Use the "Report Criteria" and "Report Filter" to choose the type of report and filter the results.

Report Criteria

You can choose a report from the available custom reports and the dates your report will cover. 

Quick Tip

Check "Show totals only" box to display only the transaction ID and price in the report.

Report Filter

You can filter by Origin Name, Destination Name, Reference 1, Reference 2, or Billing Group.

How to Generate a Report

From the Report page in the Client Portal, select a quick search option, or select your search criteria and click the Generate Report button.

Quick Tip

Use the Reset Criteria button to clear the "Report Criteria" and "Report Filter" sections.

If there are more than 10 results you can change the number of reports displayed per page by clicking the "Results per page" under the Quick Search box.

Report Displays

Reports are available in 2 views: condensed and detailed. You can switch between the views by clicking the menu button  and select "Switch to Detailed" or "Switch to Condensed". This menu button also gives you the option to print or export to CSV.


Displays the summary for each order. 


Displays details for each order.