How to Require GPS in Nextstop 3

Require GPS to allow drivers to see new and existing jobs, but not proceed through their workflow or confirm new work until their GPS/Location Services is enabled. Dispatchers in X Dispatch will see a pop-up warning when attempting to dispatch orders or routes to drivers that require GPS, but have GPS disabled on their device.

Where to Setup in X Dispatch

  1. In X Dispatch go to Maintenance > Mobile Option Sets to add the requirement to a mobile option set for a group of users, or Maintenance > Mobile Users to add the requirement to a specific driver.

  2. Select the mobile option set or mobile user for the driver(s) you would like to require GPS.

  3. Under GPS Interval check GPS Required.

Warning in X Dispatch

When a route or order is dispatched to a driver that had the “GPS Required” mobile option set enabled and the GPS is disabled on their device, a warning will pop up to warn dispatchers.

In Nextstop with GPS Required and GPS/Location Service Disabled

Warning when the Nextstop app is opened.


Stops in the Stops List are untappable.