How to Pair a Parcel in the Driver App

For driver documentation see How to Pair a Parcel in the Driver App.

When scanning an unexpected/overage parcel at a stop, and automated chaining has not been set up, the driver manually can pair the parcel with another stop. This makes that parcel “expected” when completing the paired stop, to ensure effective OS&D. See Route Chaining.


  1. From the Parcels screen, add a parcel (this is typically done by scanning the parcel barcode). See Parcels in the Driver App.

  2. Select which stop to pair the parcel with. NOTE: Drivers will only see stops currently dispatched to them (i.e. drivers can only pair parcels to stops on their own manifests).

  3. Optional. Save the selected pairing to pair other parceled scanned on the stop. This is displayed when the driver's mobile option Overage Scanning is set to "Warn". 

If there are multiple parcels with more than one delivery location, the driver would need to "Reset Overage Workorder" in the action menu on the Parcels screen to be able to select an additional location.