How to Add New Ensenda Work

CXT Software's Operations App can integrate with Ensenda.  This allows for Ensenda to send orders to your Operations App installation.  In order for these two systems to stay in sync, your Operations App installation must be properly managed and additional accounts added when required.  

This article does not walk through first-time installation.  Please contact Technical Support for help with a new deployment of the Ensenda on demand integration.

Once your Ensenda integration is up and running, you may want to add new work without requiring help from CXT Software. To do that you will need to do the following:

Update the Customer in the Operations App

  1. Go to Maintenance > Customers

  2. Select the customer, make sure the customer is highlighted

  3. Double click to open the customer record

  4. Click the General tab

  5. Fill out the following fields:

Message Formats

After updating the customer you will need to add the required alerts to the customer record.

Required Alerts

Status Event

Message Format

Status Event

Message Format

Order - Placed

Ensenda Order Placed

Order - Delivered

Ensenda Delivered

Order - Picked up

Ensenda Pickup

Order - At Pickup

Ensenda Arrived At Origin

Order - At Delivery

Ensenda Arrived At Dest

Order Received At Dock

Ensenda Received At Dock

Order Verified For Billing

Ensenda Verified For Billing

How to add Alerts

  1. Click the Contacts tab in the customer record.

  2. Select the Status Event and Message Format.

  3. Check the Required checkbox.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all 6 alerts have been setup.

Order Type and Rate Chart Setup

Ensenda uses translations that will already be setup on each order type, and you can point the new customer to your existing Ensenda rate chart to make use of the existing translations and order types.  If you need to make changes, there can be more than one translation for each order type, but you cannot have the same Ensenda Service level on multiple order types in the Operations App. If the rating for the new Ensenda work is different from the existing chart(s), you will need to setup a rate chart with each Ensenda order type for the new customer and associate the rate chart to the customer in the Accounting tab. 

Internet User Update

The new Ensenda customer ID will need to be added to the Ensenda Inet user. The internet user ID is usually “EnsendaAgent”.

Do not change this internet user's password.

  1. Go to Maintenance > Internet Users

  2. Search for the “EnsendaAgent”

  3. Double click to open the internet user

  4. Under the Customer tab on the internet user you will find a list of allowed customers. Find the new Ensenda Customer and check the box to allow the Ensenda Agent to post orders to that account

  5. Click “Apply” and then “OK”

Setting Up Additional Ensenda Accounts

You must have a spreadsheet from Ensenda that shows all customer accounts to be setup. It should look similar to the image below.

The four columns highlighted are the important ones and contain all the data needed.

  1. The "Courier ID" this is the unique ID that Ensenda assigns to you as a courier.

  2. The "Merchant Key" this the Ensenda's customer account number for their customer.

  3. The "Site Name" this will be the name you enter into the tool. This is the different names of the Merchants you will be making deliveries for and any specifics to their location and type of work.

  4. The "Merchant Site Key" this is the unique ID that Ensenda assigns for their customer at the whichever courier that is doing the work.