Find Query (Classic Operations App)

This page is for the Classic Operations App. For the Operations App please see Find.

Find Query allows you to create basic and advanced queries to help find information in the Operations App. These queries can be saved along with the ability to download advanced queries that have been created by CXT Software.

The Find permissions are required to use Find Query. See Users (Classic Operations App).

In the toolbar, click Find Query.


Query Result Options

After you have run a successful query, you will have a few additional options in the icon bar above the results.





Bulk trigger status event SQL for the result set. Available status event SQL that can be triggered will be displayed.

Available when results are related to orders or route stops.


Export the results to CSV, JSON, TEXT, XLS, or XLSX format.


Opens the Bulk Rate Update form to make bulk rating, or driver pay adjustments to the orders or route stops in the result set. See Bulk Rate Update.

Available when results are related to orders or route stops.


Opens the Adjust Stop Times form to make bulk changes to the Min, Max, and Preferred times of stops in the returned result set.

Available when results are related to contract or route stops.


Run associated reports for the selected Saved Query.

Available when a report is associated with the selected Saved Query.


Open the Email Find Results form to email the query results.

You must have set up a message format with the Message Type of “Email Find Results” set up.


Open the Select Visible Columns form to hide and/or reorganize columns for the query results.

Saved Queries

Advanced Find Service