Reporting is a must-have capability for most companies, as it can be used to identify anomalies, pinpoint issues, and respond effectively to changes and customer needs. Ultimately, using data helps employees make informed decisions across the organization. 

There are various reporting tools available, to help you get the information you need.

Find (BETA) Tool

A new-and-improved Find Tool where you can view system data in a meaningful way.

Find Tool

The Find Tool is a custom reporting utility where you can view system data in a meaningful way. Customize report views, save reports for re-use, access advanced reporting features, and much more.

Built In Reports

The operations application includes built-in reports that are already set up and ready to use. Built-in reports can be found in the top menu bar.


The dashboard is a customizable feature for each user to display important, quick, at a glance information from the operations app. Use available reports to create dashboards for individual or group needs (you can copy/share dashboards with other users).