Inactive Drivers

There are two ways to navigate to the inactive drivers report within X Dispatch. It can be reached either from the Report menu or from the Dispatch Board.

Report Menu

  1. Navigate to the "Report" menu bar at the top of X Dispatch.
  2. Click "Inactive Drivers" from the report list context menu.

Dispatch Board

  1. Navigate to the "On Demand Dispatch Board" or "Route Dispatch Board".
  2. Right click on the "Driver Grid" portion of the "Dispatch Board".
  3. Click "Inactive Drivers" from the right click context menu.

The inactive drivers report enables you to view the Drivers in the system that are currently inactive on the Dispatch Board. It provides summary information for a single driver on each row along with column headers to delineate the data in each field.

Column NameDescription
DriverThe "DriverID" value of the "Driver" record.
NameThe concatenated "First Name" and "Last Name" values of the "Human Resource" associated with the "Driver". 
NicknameThe "Nickname" value of the "Human Resource" associated with the "Driver". Note that this is not related to the "First Name" or "Last Name" fields.
VehicleThe "Description" of the "Vehicle" currently associated with the "Driver" record.
FleetThe "Fleet" to which the "Driver" is currently assigned.
PhoneThe "Phone" number value from the "Human Resource" associated with the "Driver".
PagerPhoneThe "Pager" number value from the Human Resource associated with the driver.
MobilePhoneThe "Mobile Phone" number value from the Human Resource associated with the "Driver".

Double click on any driver entry to pull up the "Activate Driver Form". You can optionally enter a "Starting Zip" to set their default "Zip Code" on the "Dispatch Board" board at time of activation. Finally, click the "OK Button" to activate the "Driver" on the "Dispatch Board".