This page is for the Operations App. For the Classic Operations App please see Drivers (Classic Operations App).

You must have the Drivers permission to view and the Edit Drivers permission to edit enabled. See Users.

The Drivers section in the Operations App is where you can view, add, or edit driver records.

To get to the Drivers section, go to Maintenance > Drivers.

How to Create a New Driver

  1. Go to Maintenance > Drivers.

  2. Click the + button in the top right.

How to Edit a Driver

  1. Go to Maintenance > Drivers.

  2. Click the driver you would like to edit or click the action menu at the end of the row and select Edit

Quick Tip: You can open 2 edit forms by selecting the checkboxes of the drivers and clicking the edit pencil icon in the top right.

How to Delete a Driver

  1. Go to Maintenance > Drivers

  2. Check the checkbox of the driver(s) you would like to delete. 

  3. Click the delete button in the top right.

How to View the Driver Audit Log

To view changes that have been made to this driver record, click the menu in the bottom left, and select Audit Trail.

Driver Form


The General tab holds the general information about the driver.

Field Name


Field Name



Driver ID number entered when creating a new driver.

Human Resource

Human Resource ID and name for the human resource record associated with the driver. Use the icon after the input field to view or edit the human resource record. See Human Resource

Only active human resource records within the business unit filter, if any, will be displayed.


Vehicle ID and description for the driver. Use the Edit icon  to view or edit the vehicle. See Vehicles.


The driver's assigned fleet. See Fleets.

Default Comments

Text entered here will show in the "Comments" column on the dispatch board.


Performance score. See Driver Ranking Configuration

Preferred End Time

The driver's preferred end time for the day.

Home Zip

Zip code for the driver's starting location.

Distance to Office

The distance between the office and where the driver starts each day.

Primary Format

Primary message format that the driver is using when receiving orders and/or messages to their email or device. See Message Formats

Primary Email

For the Driver App notifications, the format XXXXXXXXXX@xmobile, where the "XXXXXXXX" is a unique 10 digit number.  

If you are using this field for emails only, and not the Driver App notifications, the primary email address for the driver.  

Swap Email Addresses

Click this button to swap the Primary Email with the Secondary Email.

Secondary Format

Secondary message format that will be used with the "Secondary Email". See Message Formats

Secondary Email

An email address to be used as a backup. 

Enter the drvier's email here if he/she will be able to update the Driver App password. See Setting and Resetting a Driver's Password for the Driver App.


Label(s) to be used for reporting purposes. See Labels.

Allow Nextstop Access

When toggled on, the driver is able to log in to the Driver App with the ID and Password.


Driver's password used to log into the Driver App.

Confirm Password

Used to confirm the Password when creating or updating the driver's password.

Logout Driver

Remotely logout the driver from the Driver App.


The Capabilities tab lists the driver capabilities, or items a driver is able to handle on an order. Use the Filter search to easily find driver capabilities, or click Toggle All to check or uncheck all driver capabilities. Capabilities can be added or edited in the Items section. 

Driver App

The Driver App tab holds information and permissions for the driver's Driver App usage.

Field Name


Field Name


Mobile App Version

The version of the Driver App that the driver used last.

Device Manufacturer

The manufacturer of the device the driver used last. 

Device OS Version

The OS version of the device the driver used last. 

Device Model

The model number of the device the driver used last. 

Toggle All

Check or uncheck to enable or disable all settings on this list. 

Allow Driver Password Reset

Allow the driver to request a password reset link to be sent to the Primary driver's email address from the Driver App.

Allow remote Check In

Allow the driver to remotely check in to dispatch board for dispatching.

Allow remote Check Out

Allow the driver to remotely check out of dispatch board for dispatching.

Allow Updates To Pieces And Weight Fields

Allows drivers to manually update the order or stop-level pieces and weight fields in the Driver App.

Allow Updates To Pieces And Weight From Parcel Scans

Allows the driver's parcel scans in the Driver App to update the order or stop-level pieces and weight fields based on the Global Options > Mobile tab permission. See Global Options

Allow Viewing Accessorials

  • Allow Adding

  • Allow Editing

Allow the driver to add and/or edit accessorial items in the Driver App.

Enable Automatic Optimizations for Orders

When checked, automatic re-optimization when a significant event is detected for a driver's on-demand orders is enabled. See Route Optimization.

Mobile Options

The Mobile Options tab displays the mobile options for the driver. Hover over the question mark or see Mobile Option Sets Definition for descriptions of the mobile option.


Default Setting Override

A warning icon appears when defaults are overridden.

RO Services

The RO Services tab holds assisted dispatch settings for the driver.

Assisted Dispatch

When checked, the driver will be included in assisted dispatch functionality that suggests the best driver for on demand orders based on the On Demand RO Service settings in the Global Route Optimization Config.

Route Optimization Schedule

The set days and times the driver will be included in the available driver list for assisted dispatch and route optimization services. Click the Add new schedule button to add a schedule, and the delete button next to the schedule to delete it.

Action Menu

Audit Trail

View the audit trail for the driver record.

Email Password Reset

Send a password reset email to the driver.