Human Resources

This page is for the Operations App. For the Classic Operations App please see Human Resources - New / Edit Human Resource.

Human resource records can be used for every individual in your company. Office staff, employee drivers, and independent contractors can have a human resource record.

For human resource records with the “Employee Driver” class, you must have the “View Employees” permission. See Users.

To get to the Human Resources section, go to Maintenance > Human Resources.

How to Create a New Human Resource

  1. Go to Maintenance > Human Resources.

  2. Click the + button in the top right.

How to Edit a Human Resource

  1. Go to Maintenance > Human Resources.

  2. Click the human resource record you would like to edit or click the action menu at the end of the row and select Edit

Quick Tip: You can open 2 edit forms by selecting the checkboxes of the human resource records and clicking the edit pencil icon in the top right.

How to Delete a Human Resource

  1. Go to Maintenance > Human Resources

  2. Check the checkbox of the human resource record(s) you would like to delete. 

  3. Click the delete button in the top right.

Human Resource Form


Field Name


Field Name



Unique numerical ID. 

Badge ID

This ID does not have to be unique. 


Image of human resource. The image is displayed online if enabled "Driver Photo(s)" is enabled in the Global Options

First Name

First name of the human resource.

Last Name

Last name of the human resource.


The name that will show on the dispatch board if the human resource is a driver.

Tax ID

Tax ID for human resource.


The classification of the human resource. This is informational with the exception of “Agent Contractor” which can be associated with an agent.

Example of usage: 

  • Agent Contractor: A driver for a third-party company. This driver would be associated with an Agent that would usually be the one to get paid instead of the driver directly.

  • Agent Subcontractor: A driver that works for a 1099 IC. This does not reference Agents in the software.

  • Contract Driver: An independent driver. 

  • Employee Driver: A driver employed by your company.

  • Exempt Staff: Salaried staff.

  • Non Exempt Staff: Hourly staff.

  • Outsourced Contractor: A backup, or partner, courier company driver.

Business Unit

The business unit the human resource is associated with. The default is set to "Global". See Business Units

Business Name

Used to informationally store a contractor driver's company name or a business name for your employees.  

Visible if Class selected is not “Agent Contractor”. 


The selected agent from the list of agents. See Agents.

Visible if the Class selected is "Agent Contractor".


Home or business address for human resource. Click the address icon  to enter a new address.


Label(s) to be used for reporting purposes. See Labels.

Date of Birth

Date of birth for human resource. Check the box to hide the date field.

Phone Numbers 

Associated phone numbers. Use the down arrow to select the type of phone number.

Email Addresses 

Associated email addresses. Use the down arrow to enter up to 2 email addresses.



Field Name


Field Name



Pay Chart

Visible if "Enable driver pay charts" is checked in the Global Options.

The selected pay chart type to configure the following Pay fields.

  • Pay Chart

  • Item Pay Chart

  • Surcharge Pay

Pay Chart Value/Item Pay Chart Value/Surcharge Chart Value

Chart ID for driver pay. Use the down arrow to set pay charts for each of the different chart types. See How to Set Customer/Human Resource Driver override pay chart.

On Demand %

Pay percentage for on-demand work.

Route %

Pay percentage for routed work.

Informational  (This section is strictly informational can be generated into reports but is not used to calculate pay)

Pay Method

The selected pay style.

  • Hourly+Mileage

  • Hourly+Mileage+Bonus

  • Commission+Per Mile

  • Commission+Per Order

  • Loaded Per Mile

Hourly Rate

Hourly rate.

Reimbursement %

Reimbursement percentage.

Reimbursement Mile

The amount per mile that the driver is reimbursed.

Drivers License 


Drivers license information for human resource.  






Vehicle information for human resource.




Insurance information for human resource. 






Card ID

Immigration card information for human resource. 



Current Status

Human resource's current employment status. 

  • Active 

  • Inactive

  • Terminated 

Termination date

Visible when Current Status is set to "Terminated".

Date of the human resource's termination.

Eligible for re-hire

Visible when Current Status is set to "Terminated".

If checked, the human resource terminated is eligible for rehire.

Termination reason

Visible when Current Status is set to "Terminated".

The reason for the human resource's termination.

Worker Data


Information on the human resource.



Job Title



User Data

User Data 1-8

Customizable fields that can be renamed in the HR tab of the Global Options.


Standard and user defined dates are entered in the Dates tab. You can select which dates you would like to have set up as a critical date. Date Names for User Defined Dates must be set up in the  HR tab of the Global Options. See Setting Up Customized Critical Dates.


Deductions for the human resource can be viewed, added, edited, and removed in the Deductions tab. Deduction items must be added in the Deduction Items section in order to be added here in the human resource record. See Deduction Items.

Inet Account 

In the Inet Account tab, you can allow, set up, and control access to the driver portal. The Show Columns section allows you to choose fields to display in the Settlements section of the driver portal under their login. 


The Recurring tab displays all assigned recurring orders to the human resource.


The Routes tab displays all assigned routes to the human resource.


The Attachments tab displays all files attached to the human resource record. Use the action menu to Delete, Edit Description, or Open the attachment in a new window.


Tasks are listed in the Tasks tab and can be assigned to users. The Due date of overdue tasks will be red. Use the action menu of the task to Delete or Edit tasks.


The Notes tab is where you can directly enter text notes for the human resource record.  

Action Menu


Retrieve the human resource record's data from QuickBooks Online.


Send the human resource record's data to QuickBooks Online.

Audit Trail

Display the audit trail for the human resource record.

Show Customer Commissions

Display a summary of the commissions.