Find (Classic Operations App)

This page is for the Classic Operations App. For the Operations App please see Find.

Basic Finds

The Classic Operations App has a built-in search tool.  The Find allows you to create Basic or Advanced queries to help you Find information. These queries can be saved along with the ability to download Advancedqueries that have been created by CXT Software.

Field Name


Field Name


Find What

Use the drop down menu to select what you would like to search for.  The Basic Find allows you to pick from the following:

  • Order

  • Recurring Order

  • Customer

  • Driver

  • Address

  • Route Stop

  • Task

  • Contract Stops

Where ( 1st field )

Use the drop down menu to select the field name of the data you would like to search for.  The list of fields will vary depending on what you have selected for Find What.  Note:  The term above Where will reflect what you have selected for Find What.  The example above says Orders since Order was selected for Find What.

Where ( 2nd field )

Use the drop down menu to select an Operator for your search criteria.  The Basic Find allows you to pick from the following:

  • Equals

  • Does Not Equal

  • Greater Than

  • Greater Than Or Equal To

  • Less Than

  • Less Than Or Equal To

  • Begins With

  • Contains

Where ( 3rd field )

Enter the value for the search criteria you are looking for.  Depending on what you are searching for, this field can accept a number, date or text.   In the example above, we are looking for all orders that were placed Yesterday.  If you are searching for date related information, you can used the drop down menu to select one of the following:

  • Tomorrow

  • Today

  • Yesterday

  • Last Week

  • Last Month

  • Last Year


If you need to add additional search criteria, you can select AND / OR in the field located under the Where section.  For example, if I wanted to only show the orders placed Yesterday for a certain customer, I can add additional search criteria to the example above by selecting  AND and adding Customer ID Equals, than entering the customer number.  Note:  I can select up to 4 different search criteria in order to help with your search.

Clear Button

Click to Clear out all of the search criteria you have selected.


You can enter a Description for the query you have created and if you choose to save the query, the Description will help describe what information is displayed in the results of the query.  Note:  All of the queries created by CXT Software contain a description.

Allow Text Wrap

If selected, this will allow the text to flow down so that all of the data is visible.

Report Format

Allows you to select a Report Format to display the results of your query, if any.  Note:  A Report Format is unique to the data that is being returned by the query.   


Click to perform the search based on the search criteria.


Click to open the selected result.   In the example above, clicking OK will open the order form for the order that is selected in the results.  Note:  Double clicking the selected row will also work like the OK button.


Click to close the Find and cancel your search.


The area located at the bottom of the Find.  This will display the results of your query.








Load Query Definition

Click to open the Load Query window in order to load a query that has been saved in your system.

Save Query Definition

Click to save the current query.

CXT Advanced Find Service

Click to open the CXT Advanced Find Service that will allow you to download custom queries that have been created by CXT Software.

Print Preview

Click to see a Print Preview of the results of the query.


Click to print the results of the query.  Note:  This will print directly to your default printer.


Click to export the results of the query as a .csv file that can be viewed with Microsoft Excel.

Open With Microsoft Excel

Click to open the results of the query in Microsoft Excel.  Note:  This option is disabled for Hosted Customers.

Execute Query

Click to perform the search of the query.

Query Builder

Click to open the Query Builder window that allows you to write more advanced queries.  Note:  This icon is only available under the Advanced tab.

Max Records

Enter the number of maximum records the results will display.  Note:  The maximum number of records that can be displayed in the results is 32,000.

This cannot be blank.

Bulk Order Update

Click to perform a Bulk Order Update on all of the orders displayed in the results.

Run Report

Click to view the Report Format that is assigned to the query, if any.

Advanced Finds

The Advanced tab of the Find allows you to work with more Advanced queries.  If you load an Advanced query, the query definition will be displayed in the Advanced tab.  Click the Exec button to perform the search.  Note:  You can create your own Advanced queries.  Click on the  Query Builder icon to open the Query Builder.