Allow Drivers to Check In/Out in the Driver App

When a driver is checked in to the Driver App the driver will be displayed on the dispatch board in the Operations App and in X Tracking. The ability for a driver to check in/out from the Driver App is controlled by a permission in the driver record.

If a driver logs out of the Driver App but remains checked in, the driver will still be displayed in the Operations App and X Tracking.


  1. Go to Maintenance > Driver.

  2. Select the driver you would like to edit the permission for.

  3. Check to enable, or uncheck to disable, Allow remote check in and/or Allow remote check out in the Nextstop tab.

  4. Click OK or Apply.

In the Driver App

For driver documentation see How to Check In/Out in Nextstop.

Upon Login

Requires Driver App 3.1 or newer.

When a driver logs in a pop-up will be displayed asking if the driver would like to check in.

From My Profile

  1. From the menu on the top left, select My Profile.

  2. Check in/out by sliding the Checked In/ Checked Out toggle.