How to Export Invoices

X Dispatch is able to quickly export an invoice, or a group of invoices to a variety of different formats.

To begin this process, navigate to the Invoice Center within XDispatch:

Go to 'Action' -> 'Invoices' -> and click on 'Invoice Center'

alternatively, simply press the Invoice Center icon found on the toolbar.

This will open up the Invoice Center.

Navigate to the single invoice, or batch of invoices you wish to export.

Right Click on the single invoice or batch that you wish to export to bring up a menu. In this menu, go to Export -> and select from the list the file format that you wish to export the invoice to.

This will bring up a screen asking you where you would like to save the exported file. 

Note to Cloud Customers

Please select a location that is on your local machine, not on the Cloud system to save the file to. Saving the file to the Cloud system will not allow you access to this file from your local system. If you are unable to save this file to your local system, please see How To Save Files To Your Computer From Cloud.