Driver App Required Driver Input

Required driver input allows an Operations App user to add specific driver prompts to an order or route stop.


A driver is picking up/delivering to a lab that needs to pick up from the lockbox and check the refrigerator. These prompts can be added to the driver's Driver App workflow from the Operations App.

Where Can I Add/Edit Required Driver Inputs?

Quick Tip: If changes are made to required driver inputs, orders placed before the change and route stops created/posted before the change will not be updated.

  • Order and recurring order entry form in the 'Drivers' tab.  The required input(s) are for the driver of this order only.


  • Customer record in the 'Required Input' tab. This is useful if your customer requires an input at each pickupdelivery or arrived / competed


  • Order types form in the 'Required Input' tab. This is useful if all the orders using this order type require an input at each pickup or delivery. 


  • Contract stops form in the 'Required Input' tabs.  This is useful if all the route stops posted from this contract stop require an input at arrived or completed.


  • Route stops form in the 'Required Input' tabs.  The required input(s) are for the driver of this route stop only.



Do not add duplicate required inputs. If you have required inputs on the customer record and the order type, all of them will display in the order they were entered.

Add Workflow Prompt

This form displays when adding a new required input.

  • Prompt to display to driver: What the driver will see in the Driver App.

  • Prompt at this event: Choose between pickup or delivery for on demand orders, and arrived or completed for route stops.

  • Response type: Choose between

    • Toggle: A switch 

    • Numeric Only: Numeric value

    • Text: Alphanumeric characters

    • Prompt on this stop type: Displayed only when adding/editing routed required driver input on a customer record. Choose to display the prompt on all stop types or a specific stop type for the customer.

How Does Required Driver Input Work in the Driver App? 

Before a driver can complete a stop, a screen asking for the required input(s) will display. If the driver tries to complete the stop before filling out all the required information, the required fields will be underlined red. The stop can be completed once the driver inputs the required information.