Settlements - Create Settlements

How to Create Settlements

  1. Go to the Action menu then SettlementsCreate Settlements

  2. If this is the first time you are creating settlements in the Operations App, you will be asked to select a date as a starting point. It is recommended to leave the default date "1/1/1999". Changing the date could cause a settlement number of -1.

  3. Make sure all fields are filled out in the Create Settlements form.

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Create Settlements Form

Field Name


Field Name


Begin Date

The start and end date that you would like to include orders from.  

Setting the settlement Begin Date and End Date will not prohibit orders/stops prior to that date from being included. Any stops with updated pay will be included in that settlement batch.

End Date

Settlement Based Upon

Settlements are based on one of the following.

  • Due By Date - Settlements will include orders based on the Delivery To date.

  • Actual Delivery Date - Settlements will include orders based on the actual Delivery Date. This uses localized delivery date/time stamps. 

  • Ready Time From Date - Settlements will include orders based on the Pickup From date.

Quick Tip: Settlements will include orders that have not been settled up to the End Date This includes unsettled orders before the Begin Date.

Include Fleets

The selected fleets.  

All available fleets may not be visible. Click the Select Fleets button to view/select additional fleets.

Include Driver Classes

The selected driver classes that will be included in the settlements.

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How to Configure Items Displayed in Settlements

Adjustments to which items are displayed in the driver settlement reports are configured in the Settlement Rollup and Driver Pay Settlement Rollup columns in the Items section.

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Warning! Unverified Orders Found

This means that there are orders that need to be verified before they can be settled. You must verify the order(s) on the order status form to settle them. Requiring verification before settlements is an option that is either the customer record or order type.

Some drivers in a settlement (estimated or actual) are not being included for some users running the report

Run a report to check if other drivers assigned to the same fleets/ business units, etc. are also missing. Make sure business units are not being filtered globally by clicking on the Business Units button on the main menu and ensure all necessary business units are checked. See Select Business Units.

Attempting to view the content of a settlement does not load/work

If you are failing to get a settlement to load, and it takes an excessive amount of time to load, the settlement may be too large. This can happen if settlements have not been run for an extended period of time. 

Driver Pay on the settlement is not reflecting changes made to the driver pay on the On Demand Order.

This is expected because when a settlement is created, the actual pay that shows up in the settlement is copied over to the settlement and is no longer tied to the pay on the order itself. If you wish to have the pay changes found on the order applied to the settlement, the settlement would need to be canceled and recreated.

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