Nextstop 2 Geofencing

Requires X Dispatch 18.0 or newer and Nextstop 2.5 or newer.

When a driver is outside the geofence radius of a stop an alert will pop up when trying to update the status of the stop (at pickup, picked up, at delivery, delivered / route stop arrived, route stop completed). See Geofencing (Classic Operations App) for more information and setup instructions.

Driver’s location in the mobile must be on for geofencing. Please refer to your device's manual for more details. 

When the driver clicks "Yes", the status code will be recorded in the order that the driver was outside of the geofence. This will display in the order status codes in X Dispatch. If the driver clicks "No", the driver will not be able to continue the workflow in Nextstop.  

In Nextstop 2.6 or newer there is a 15 second delay when obtaining geofencing locations.

Example of Status Code for an Order


Example of Status Code for a Route Stop