Cloud Client - Read Me First

The Cloud Client is used to access CXT Software cloud applications.

Installing Cloud Client

  1. Go to the Downloads page
  2. Click Download Cloud Client
  3. Once the download is complete open the file to install Cloud Client 

Getting Started With Cloud Client

  1. On your computer, go to Start > All Programs > CXT Software > Cloud Client, or located it in the task bar with this icon .

  2. Log in to Cloud Client using the login window. See Cloud Client - Login for more information. 

  3. Click the connect button on the main Cloud Client window. 

  4. Click the Windows icon in the bottom left corner, and select the XD icon to launch X Dispatch.

  5. Launch other application using the tabs at the top of the cloud window.

    Connecting to the cloud when the Fullscreen (Without Tabs) box is checked will hide all tabs.  See Cloud Client - Options.