Display Agent Settlements

Displaying settlements for agents is an important step in verifying the pay data prior to printing the settlement report. It's recommended that the settlement data is displayed prior to providing the report to agents. 

How to Display Agent Settlements

  1. From the top menu in the Classic Operations App, go to Action > Settlements > Display Agent Settlements.

  2. Fill out the Display Agent Settlements form as needed.

  3. Click Display.

Quick Tip: A message will be displayed if no agents exist within the settlement batch.

Display Agent Settlements Form


Column Name


Column Name


Batch ID

Unique identifier for settlement batch.


Selected fleets used for settlement batch.

First #

First driver ID in batch.

Last #

Last driver ID in batch.

Begin Date

The beginning date used for batch.  Settlements after the date selected are processed.

End Date

Ending date used for batch.  Settlements after the date (and time) selected are not processed.

Settlement Type

The Settlements based upon option when the settlement was created.

  • Due By Date

  • Actual Delivery Date (This uses localized delivery date/time stamps instead of server time.) 

  • Ready Time From Date 


Field Names


Field Names


Show Columns 

Quick Tip: This is only for settlement reports and does not apply to what is visible to drivers in the Driver Portal which is configurable in the driver record. 

Order Price

If checked, the column will be shown in the settlement report. 

Disabled if Show Totals Only is enabled.

Base Amount

Percent of Order

Driver Split

Stop Name



Agent ID (blank for all)

Selected agent displayed to display settlement for.

Title Image

Selected image to be used on agent settlement. See Images or Images (Classic Operations App).

Show Totals Only

If checked, only totals will be shown on the settlement report.

Page break by agent

If checked, each agent will start on a new page.

Agent Settlement Report Example