Dimensional Weight Calculator (Classic Operations App)

The Dimensional Weight Calculator allows you to calculate the theoretical weight of a package based on its dimensions. This can be helpful when filling trucks since the dimensional weight aligns weight to size.

Dimensional Weight Calculator in the Operations App

Order Form

The Dimensional Weight Calculator can be accessed from 2 places on an order form:

  • From the General tab, click Weight... button under Parcel Info.

  • From the Parcel tab, click on the grey button in the Dims column of a parcel.

Weight Scan Form

From the weight scan form, click on the Dimensions... button.

Vehicle Record

From the vehicle record, click the Max Dim Wgt button.

Contract Stop Form

From the contract stop form, click Weight... in the Route Info tab.

Route Stop Form

From the route stop form, on the Parcels tab click in the Dims column.

Using the Dimensional Weight Calculator

  1. Enter the Length of the package in inches or centimeters.

  2. Enter the Width of the package in inches or centimeters.

  3. Enter the Height of the package in inches or centimeters.

  4. Enter the Denominator to be used in the calculation. This is how many cubic inches, or centimeters, of space each pound, or kilogram, would be expected to take up and varies based on whether your dimensions are in inches or centimeters, the type of freight, and the shipping method.

Quick Tips

When using the Dimensional Weight Calculator on an order form

  • Check Update weight on order? and click OK to update the order or parcel using the calculated Dimensional Weight.

  • The default Length, Width, Height, and Denominator for a parcel type can be set on the parcel type form.

Calculation Used

(Length × Width × Height) ⁄ Denominator

Commonly Used Denominators

Standard Divisor

International Divisor

Common Use

139 in³/lb

5000 cm³/kg

Used by FedEx for all Dimensional weight and by UPS for international and small domestic packages.

166 in³/lb

6000 cm³/kg

Used by UPS for large domestic packages and by USPS for international.

194 in³/lb

7000 cm³/kg

Used by USPS for domestic.