Salesperson Commission

Calculation of Salesperson Commission

Salesperson commissions are calculated based on the gross revenue of the customer.

How to Setup a Salesperson Commission

  1. Create a human resources record for your salesperson if one does not exist. Note the ID on the human resource record.

  2. Go to the Maintenance > Customers and select the customer associated with the salesperson’s commission.

  3. Select the Commissions tab.

  4. Enter the Human Resource ID from step 1.

  5. Select the Begin Date and End Date.

  6. Enter Commission Percent.

Salesperson Commission Percentage on Items

You can include and/or exclude items from the commission calculation. The commission for items does not need to be based on the total charge for an item.

Quik Tip

The item charges are set up in the item rate charts. See

How to Set the Salesperson Commission Percentage on an Item

  1. Go to Maintenance > Items. See for more information.

  2. Enter or change the Salesperson Split % for the item you would like to include or exclude.

    • To include an item in the salesperson commission the Salesperson Split % must be greater than 0.

    • To exclude an item in the salesperson commission the Salesperson Split % should be set to 0.


The gross revenue of a customer is $49.47 and the salesperson commission is set to the following:

  • Commissions Percentage set in the customer record - 10%

  • Salesperson Split % for “Base Rate” - 100%

  • Salesperson Split % for “Pieces” - 25%

  • Salesperson Split % for “Fuel Surcharge” - 0%

The total commission is $4.56.


Order Charges


Commission Amount


Order Charges


Commission Amount

Base Rate Salesperson Split


$45.25 x 10%


Pieces Salesperson Split


($1.50 x 25%) x 10%


Fuel Surcharge Salesperson Split


($2.72 x 0%) x 10%