Include Multiple Attachments in Customer Emails

Requires X Dispatch 20.0 or newer.

You can include a signature, Visual Proof of Delivery (VPOD), and attachments (such as driver photos or files attached to a shipment) as a zip file for all available attachments in your message formats. This will allow your customers to receive all attachment data without having to log into Rapidship.


  1. Go to Maintenance > Message Formats.

  2. Edit or create a new message format you would like to add the VPOD, signature, and/or attachments to or add a new message format. See

  3. Click the Format tab.

  4. In the Message Format add [VPOD] for VPOD, [Signature] for Signature, and/or [Attachments] for a zipped file of all the attachments of the order or stop.

When using [Attachments], a zip file will be created for any attachment, even if it is just 1 file unless it is only a signature or SQL output.

Example Email